Additional Rig Information


Bournedrill are the specialists in water well drilling rigs and equipment. We offer our customers a standard range of drilling rigs plus the design capability to custom build drilling equipment from our proven range of components to suit exacting customer requirements.

Bournedrill Pty Ltd is recognised as the manufacturer of the largest range of drilling rigs in the world, which are all produced at our facilities in Brisbane, Australia.

We have been engaged in the design and manufacture of a complete range of designed and built drilling rigs, equipment and accessories over the past 50 years.


The design of the rigs is the result of drilling experience gained by our experts in many countries of the world. Our designers have paid utmost attention to ensure that the establishment on site is minimal, allowing the drilling program to commence swiftly.

The Bournedrill machines are built to fulfil all the fundamental principles of the drilling operation from the drilling, through the casing, up to the completion stage and minimise drilling costs.

All Bourne rigs are supplied complete with operation, spare parts, service and maintenance manuals.

Buying a Bournedrill rig means the highest level of manufacturing support for a complete drilling solution.