Company Profile

Bournedrill Team

Bournedrill Pty Ltd was founded in 1965 when two brothers, Graham and George Bourne began providing engineering services to the growing geophysical, water well, mineral exploration and oil drilling industry.

Operating then as Bourne Exploration Tool and Machining, they were initially occupied only with the repair and modification of imported drilling equipment.

But they could see the potential for developing their own range of equipment and tools to meet the demands of the harsh Australian conditions, and in a little over five (5) years had begun manufacturing their own designs.


The ‘R’ series of mechanical, rotary table rigs introduced in the early 1970’s quickly became the accepted standard for geophysical, coal exploration and water well drilling in Australia.

In the mid 1970’s, development began of the ‘THD’ series of hydraulic top head drive rigs, specifically for the mining and water well industries.

Then in 1975 the company took a major step with its first export – a 1000R rig to a Singapore based company and today, overseas clients take the bulk of its products and services.


From its original humble premises, Bournedrill has expanded into new workshops housing a major design and manufacturing operation, utilising computer controlled machinery to meet exacting standards and employing at times up to 150 skilled workers.

Innovation continues, with the range of equipment continuously being improved and expanded.


Bournedrill takes pride in its capabilities – and of a reputation which now extends world-wide, offering services over a wide area encompassing all of Australia, the Pacific region, South East Asia and Africa.